Roseville Marketing Company | Why your website needs backlinks
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Why your website needs backlinks

Why your website needs backlinks

Most business owners have no idea what a backlink is and why they matter to the success and visibility of a website online. If you’ve ever wondered how Googles Algorithm determines winners and losers in organic search — today is your lucky day. Keep in mind that Google uses sophisticated software algorithms to identify what your website means to the world. They use AI (artificial intelligence) to match your site to someone’s search query. In fact, Google’s ultimate goal is to provide the most relevant/credible information for each search query (ie: list of websites in order of relevance).

In order to accomplish this task within seconds, Google uses a host of signals to determine which websites are the best. Think popularity contest. If your website gets very little traffic and doesn’t have hyperlinks pointed at it from high authority websites (ie, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Popular Websites) — there’s a good chance that your site will not show up in any significant organic search result (ie; invisible to the world). And in order to become visible, you need to convince Google that your website is credible, relevant and liked by many.

Backlinks are the single most important signal that Google uses to determine rank position. Plain and simple. Without quality backlinks pointed to your website you will more then likely see little to no traffic flowing through your website. So, how do you acquire backlinks you might ask? The process is actually very straightforward. The problem is that many business owners don’t have the time, patience, nor the resources to invest in their own online success. This process requires work, investment and repetition. Placing an arbitrary date on when your website should rank at the top of Google is pointless, as Googles algorithm ultimately determines the pace for success. Thus, many business owners give up and convince themselves that Google does not work for their business.

The best backlinks are acquired by publishing a guest post article/blog to a high authority website (ie; Forbes, Medium, Tumblr, etc.) — and hyperlinking a keyword phrase that a prospect would use to search for your business or product (ie; local gym, local financial advisor) . That phrase should be hyperlinked to your website. There are several ways to go about facilitating this process. You could write articles and publish them on well known websites that your prospects visit. You can post articles to popular social media websites that link back to your website. And you can become a blog contributor for a website that publishes articles on a variety of topics.

Alternatively, hiring an SEO company┬áto facilitate this process is the norm for many businesses (as it’s time consuming). Some of you reading this have either tried hiring an SEO company or possibly considered it but opted out due to cost and the inability to determine an ROI timeline. Since not all SEO companies are alike — you may have hired a bad company and experienced no ROI. This happens. However, deciding not to move forward with a good SEO company will only prevent your website from querying at the top of search results.

Backlinks Impact on Traffic: Before and After Implementation

A proven, local SEO company will help you implement a strategy for acquiring backlinks that ultimately helps your website prominently rank in Google (i.e.; the first page of Google organic search results). Keep in mind that ranking at the top of Google for keywords that are meaningful to your business doesn’t happen overnight. Convincing Googles algorithm that your site is worthy of being ranked in the top 3, 5 or 10 search results requires time, consistency and investment.

Backlinks impact on Domain Authority

Remember, websites that rank in the top of search results net the most clicks from potential customers/prospects. If your website is currently generating zero leads or no revenue – it’s not because your site isn’t working or that digital marketing doesn’t work. It’s more than likely because no one knows your website, product or offer exist. In order to change that you need to implement a backlink strategy that elevates your websites relevance, authority and popularity. It should be noted that backlinks are only 1 of 250+ signals that Google uses to determine rankings and like many things in life — you can actually buy backlinks from various marketplaces. That said, its important to go about this process correctly and stay away from cheap and easy shortcuts, as these options are considered less favorable by Google and could ultimately work against you in the long run.

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